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How to Trust Yourself More Fully

In my last video, if you recall, the topic was self-trust, and reminders you can use to make it central to your growth journey. Trusting yourself, just like listening to yourself, is something that takes practice, especially if you’re a high achiever who has struggled in the past with people-pleasing and overriding your intuition.

The more you practice self-trust, the more comfortable it will get. But at first, it might feel foreign or strange, bring up some anxiousness, or even like you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you’re simply afraid to trust yourself, but that feeling could come through as guilt that you aren’t outsourcing your decisions to someone or something else.

Of course, while this is completely normal, it’s important to remember that you’re not doing anything wrong when you trust yourself. Try thinking of your new practice of self-trust as a form of “left-handed thinking” - something that only feels wrong or awkward because you’re not used to it, not because it actually is wrong.

Keeping this in mind, then, watch the video to learn some ways you can practice more fully trusting yourself.

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