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I lived in Switzerland and was a prominent Psychologist. I had a great family. But something deep and essential was missing. I lived with chronic exhaustion, overthinking, and people-pleasing. No matter how much outward success I achieved, I never felt whole and complete. It took a diagnosis of thyroid cancer for me to go on a quest to find the missing “puzzle pieces” to heal and transform my life.


As a Psychologist, I knew the best practices, theories, and protocols. But you know what? It wasn’t working! I needed tools to truly transform my life. That led me on a journey to discover the approaches that provided true, lasting change.


Along my journey, I obtained the Certified Health Coach accreditation by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners AADP. I completed the emotional empowerment coaching training and certification level 1 and 2 at the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment, and was a graduate leader coach for that program for 3 1/2 years. Additionally, I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach (ACTP-ICF), a Certified Immersive Coach, a Certified Resilience Coach, and a Certified Immersive Guided Meditation Facilitator.

I never stop learning. As a result, my clients get the most cutting-edge insights and personalized strategies to transform their lives. 


I now sleep better. I am not controlled by food cravings. I have less stress, anxiety, and worry. I have increased energy and vitality for life!

— Amy

Dear Pamela, thank you for your time. The value I received was immense. Your distinctive, calming, and unique tone always facilitates a feeling of safety to go within. I enjoy working with you and your immersive guided sessions. You give me the space and direction needed for me to go within and access my resources to gain clarity in a fast effective manner so I can continue to be productive and balanced.



Since starting to work with Pamela, I feel more hopeful, positive, happier, and rarely depressed. Now I am able not to give into unhealthy habits, I have more energy throughout the day, feel less stressed, and more relaxed and calmer. I definitely have 'expanded' my whole life since starting working with Pamela.

— Trish

I thank Pamela for being someone I can feel comfortable talking to for guidance in setting goals towards better health through proper nutrition. She listens and offers guidance to help me establish healthy eating goals and her positive and upbeat spirit has given me the motivation I needed to take care of myself as I recover from some health issues. Thank you, Pamela!

— Kristi

I am changing habits, loving myself, and feel more energized and motivated every time I work with Pamela.

— J.A.

I was so pleasantly surprised by the Clarifying Your Focus program. It was straightforward, clear, and personalized in a way that was a huge help for me. I was in a place of hope and ambivalence with a strong desire to see real change but not sure where, when and how to start. After working with Pamela, I feel far more capable and clear-eyed about what I need to do (and want to do!). It feels like there is a path for me. I now have more pointed tools and resources to keep myself focused on what I want to see in my life. Perhaps more importantly, I have actually found the strength/capacity to admit what I want most. I also have found more centeredness when it comes to the emotions that I tend to let lead me astray. And it was fun! I enjoyed how different the process was and found its uniqueness to be helpful too. I would definitely recommend this to coaching clients looking for something new to help them make big life changes.

— Jennifer.

I Believe...

True, lasting change is within your reach

Negative emotions are your allies—not your enemies

Your body and intuition can guide you to experience your Ultimate Life 

I Also Believe...

That we need simple tools and practical strategies that work. We don’t have time for “theories” or coping. We have just one life. We can’t wait forever to see results! 


That’s why I collect so many tools to share with my clients, which I fully customize for best results. That’s also why my learning and discovery never ends. That’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do. I see incredible results every day with my clients. I see profound results in my own life. And I want YOU to have results in YOUR life!


Pamela professionally defines and assists with accessing health, stress-management, physical health, restoring purpose of self-care. With her help, I am empowered to simplify eating and food concerns, break my own limiting behaviors, and overcome destructive thinking.


Pamela’s coaching and thought-provoking exercises revealed tangible root causes and specific areas requiring improvement that have helped me to progress. I can now accept who I am and continue to explore who I want to become.

— M.C.M.

I absolutely loved working with Pamela going through her Clarifying Your Focus immersive coaching program as I prepared for the New Year. The curriculum combined with her guidance was just what I needed. She was professional, organized and very motivational along the way. I can’t say enough about how well she runs the sessions and love her meditation style. I have now officially turned the corner and can’t go back. It’s very exciting and I have systems in place for staying on track! If you’re looking to get on track with your values and goals for yourself both personally and professionally, I highly recommend working with Pamela!

— Melissa

Pamela is a great guide for Emotional Empowerment.

— Susie

Pamela’s immersive experiences are truly sublime, her beautiful voice leads you effortlessly deep within to that place of peace, inner knowing and clarity. She expertly leads you on a journey where you feel safe, supported and nurtured. Each of Pamela’s experiences are wonderfully unique and leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and restored. Thank you so much for the powerful experience Pamela.

— Dee

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