I lived in Switzerland and was a prominent Psychologist and Counselor. I had a great family. But something deep and essential was missing. I lived with chronic exhaustion. No matter how much outward success I achieved, I never felt whole and complete. It took a diagnosis of thyroid cancer for me to go on a quest to find the missing “puzzle pieces” to heal and transform my life.


As a Psychologist and Counselor, I knew the best practices, theories, and treatment protocols. But you know what? It wasn’t working! I needed tools to truly transform my life. That led me on a journey to discover the approaches that provided, true, lasting change.


Along my journey, I obtained the Certified Health Coach accreditation by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners AADP.  I completed the emotional empowerment training level 1 and 2 at the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment, and am a graduate leader coach for that program

I never stop learning. As a result, my clients get the most cutting-edge insights and strategies to transform their lives. 


I now sleep better. I am not controlled by food cravings. I have less stress, anxiety, and worry. I have increased energy and vitality for life!

— Amy

Our conversation on stress reduction techniques included advice customized to assist me in meeting my goals I can honestly say that I am now a healthier and happier person!



Pamela helped me break my own limiting behaviors.

— Amie

I thank Pamela for being someone I can feel comfortable talking to for guidance in setting goals towards better health through proper nutrition. She listens and offers guidance to help me establish healthy eating goals and her positive and upbeat spirit has given me the motivation I needed to take care of myself as I recover from some health issues. Thank you, Pamela!

— Kristi

I am changing habits, loving myself, and feel more energized and motivated every time I work with Pamela.

— J.A.


Pamela is a great guide for Emotional Empowerment.

— Susie

Pamela professionally defines and assists with accessing health, stress-management, physical health, restoring purpose of self-care. With her help, I am empowered to simplify eating and food concerns, break my own limiting behaviors, and overcome destructive thinking.


Pamela’s coaching and thought-provoking exercises revealed tangible root causes and specific areas requiring improvement that have helped me to progress. I can now accept who I am and continue to explore who I want to become.

— M.C.M.

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