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How to Become More Resilient?

Last time, we discussed resilience, and what it really means to be resilient. If that topic left you with even more questions, today’s video is for you. Because once you understand resilience, it’s still easier said than done to do the work of bouncing back and forward from challenges and setbacks.

You should know that becoming more resilient happens over time, and with practice. It’s more likely to stick if you are in a grounded and healthy place mentally, emotionally and physically. That’s a big part of what makes it easier to handle what comes your way.

If you haven’t been as resilient as you’d have liked in the past, that doesn’t mean you’re fated to never handle anything well and with ease ever again. Your present foundation has a lot to do with your future capabilities, and you owe it to yourself to give yourself another chance.

Becoming more resilient is also becoming as flexible as you are strong. It takes several tries of being willing to pivot when something doesn’t work out, while still moving closer to your dreams.

Doing this not only takes practice - it requires having touchstones in your life to return to, and remind you of why you need to keep going.

Watch the video to learn a few guideposts that can help you grow in your resilience.

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