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Connecting with Yourself: Listening to your Body

As we continue this series of how to strengthen your connection with yourself, I want to get into the physical side of this: that is, connecting with and listening to your body. It is well known by now that the body and mind are connected.

That means that, while you are not your body, your body is a part of you, one that talks to you all the time about what it needs - and therefore, what you need. It’s also an incredible source of intuitive wisdom.

You may have heard the phrase “the body keeps the score.” While in one sense, this indicates that the body holds onto painful experiences, it also means that it retains knowledge about experiences, and responds to new situations using the wisdom it’s gained from those experiences.

With that in mind, how can you tap into your body’s wisdom and use it for your benefit?

What are some ways that your emotional life makes itself heard physically, and what can you do to better listen to it and connect with yourself?

Watch the video here to find out more.

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