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Be More Effective: 3 Simple Steps to Slowing Down

In my last video, I shared some thoughts on how to tell effectiveness from busyness. Busyness, if you remember, is something we use to distract ourselves from our true goals and desires. It’s something that can be put upon us, but more often, it’s something we agree to.

And that’s how it starts moving you away from the kind of life you want, and even into self-sabotage. What that means for you is, a great deal of deciding to be more effective starts with defining what is meaningful to you. To learn more about how to be more effective watch the video here.

As your health and emotional empowerment coach I can help you put yourself first without guilt, set healthy boundaries, define what's holding you back emotionally to have the fitness and life you desire, beat the path of resistance long-term, take control of your health and life, develop and track your individual-tailored wellness goals. Together, we will ensure you establish a happier, healthier way of life no matter what life throws at you. Go to to schedule a complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Call.Also accepting applications now for the Ultimate YOU Accountability Group℠, for those who want to be consistent and successful with their own self-care. Call 804-313-9007 for more info. This is available for people locally and remotely.


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