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Let's Talk about Healthy Boundaries on the Momspiration412 Worldwide Live Show

I truly enjoyed being a guest on Momspiration412 Worldwide's weekly LIVE show called "Motherhood... Rewarding yet Challenging" hosted by Christine Furman CEO of Momspiration412℠ and Founder of EduPlay℠ . On the show we talk about healthy boundaries. Click play to watch the show!

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Here more about Christine Furman:

Christine Furman is the CEO of Momspiration412 and Founder of EduPlay.

Christine is a former elementary and special education teacher turned entrepreneur. Her true passions of being a mother and educator began to excel with Momspiration412℠ was created and Eduplay℠ was founded.

Momspiration412℠ provides parents with an opportunity to chat and connect while children of all ages and abilities engaged in Eduplay℠ activities. See each moment as a chance to learn, create and have FUN!

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