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Making the Most of Downtime

Today's episode of Mindful Inspirational Mondays is about whether there is really a “best” way to get through an event like Covid-19 and all the changes it has brought to our lives.

Since mid-March, we all have been quarantining and self-isolating, and maybe for you, that’s led to spending a lot more time on social media. And you might have noticed a number of people posting about staying productive while stuck in the house. Workout videos, online classes, virtual business plans… it seems like there is just as much to do as there was before!

If you are a high achiever, this is probably making you feel like you absolutely must charge right into continuing to do things the same way as you were before — maybe doing even more than usual, to make up for so-called “lost” time. Of course, if we do this, we might miss a chance to slow down and see what is actually necessary, rather than what will make us the most productive.

To learn more, watch the video here.

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