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How to Thrive in Challenging Times

I'm so excited to share with YOU today...


Move from COPING TO THRIVING during this challenging time!

The Support Summit (hosted and curated by Melanie Fitzpatrick) is full of essential tips, practices, strategies and perspectives to help you build every day resilience to thrive and I'm very honored to have been asked to be one of the panelists.

I see this as an opportunity for us to embrace our own ability to grow in the coming months and emerge into our best Self!

You may want to grab your journal or a notebook because over the next 90 minutes – you’re going to hear from 6 amazing women who will be sharing best practices for improving your energy, nutrition and mindset. As well as managing your natural rhythms & cycles, daily organization, schedules and child caring routines and ways to promote your physical and emotional well-being.

So let’s get started!

To access the Support Summit go to

Once you register you will be redirected to another page where you can play the recording or download it.

👉I'm the last presenter and you'll find me at the 1 hour and 13 minutes mark.

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