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Are You Overdoing It?

​Today's Mindful inspirational Mondays video is a continuation about why it’s so hard to stick to those New Year's resolutions and what you could do about it.In my last 3 videos I shared the first 3 insights around this topic.

Let’s move to #4 which is…

Are you overdoing it when it comes to wanting to change too many things at once and too quickly.

If you are a high achiever you might want to reach many goals very quickly which usually leads to overwhelm and a sense of not accomplishing much which makes you frustrated. Or if you aren’t physically active for example you have to start slow and in the right way so you don’t get injured.

At the beginning of my health coaching training in 2010, I remember to be very overwhelmed as I was receiving a wealth of health knowledge, and things I could implement in my own life that I thought at first, I had to add all the changes at once.

To learn more, watch the 2 1/2 minute Mindfulness Monday video here.

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