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Are You Using the Holidays Just as an Excuse?

It’s December and I’ve been seeing people all around complaining and stressing about the upcoming Holidays since November, like every single year: “It’s the Holiday season; I don’t have time for this or that, it’s so busy…” ; “ I can’t wait until the Holidays are over!”. Self-care (if this was ever in your to-do-list to begin with), physical movement, nourishing your body with healthy meals, take time off for yourself, spend quality time with family and friends, mindfulness, …are not part of the to-do-list anymore.

It’s so easy to say,” I will start eating healthier, or I will join the Gym after the Holidays, I don’t have time now…or I know I should stop skipping meals and crash with a big fat chocolate chip cookie in my mouth, especially if I feel challenged; after the Holidays I will change (yeah, right?),…”. I could write a whole chapter on what people plan to be doing AFTER the Holidays.

The question is WHY waiting? After the Holidays will never happen for the majority of people, or if they start with the best intentions, after a few weeks into the new year they are back to square one. That’s a fact.

The Holidays are technically only 2 days and people stress around for 2 months?!? And then they feel energy depleted, the weight creeps up, don’t make healthy food and lifestyle choices, are crankier and get a cold or flu easily. This doesn’t sound fun to me; this is not like I’d want to spend the Holiday season.

The good news is there is a way out of this! And the best part is this is not only valid for this year but for EVERY year to come, so you can sit back and relax during the Holiday season while others keep living on the “I-am-Stressed-and-Will-Start-After-The-Holiday-Autopilot” and are frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, you are not just sitting and relaxing for 2 months; you are going to enjoy the Holiday Season, get everything done and get more quality time for yourself and your loved ones. How does this sound? And guess what? During the rest of the year, when challenges come up, you can use the same strategies I share with my clients for thriving during the Holiday season as they work all year round!

Are you ready to take on challenging and demanding times with ease and no stress? Are you ready to have loads of energy, no matter what, and stop being frazzled? Are you ready to spend more time with the activities you enjoy the most? Are you ready to enjoy upcoming Holiday seasons and spend quality time with loved ones? Are you ready to have all your needs met (I know this is a big one) and set healthy boundaries? Are you ready to feel real happy?


If you answered yes to one of more questions and you are ready to make changes (or you know someone who will, please share this info), I invite you to take a leap of faith and schedule a no obligation complimentary Initial Breakthrough coaching Call over the phone. It will be the best 50-Minutes you’ve given yourself in a while. This free gift will go away very soon!

Important... this call is not for everyone. In order to be eligible:

You must be able to commit 100% to showing up (via phone) for your session

You must be willing and ready to make positive changes in your life NOW

This is for you if you feel your current life situation isn’t an option anymore

You must be dedicated to your health and well-being

If you agree with these, then you can schedule your complimentary appointment here: This free gift will expire on 12-31-2018!

As your health and emotional empowerment coach, I can help you develop and track your goals, and live according to YOUR desires and needs. Together, we will ensure you establish a happier, healthier way of life.

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