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Today I am Grateful for...

In five days we will celebrate Thanksgiving and this Holiday is always a great reminder of gratitude and appreciation. Too often we are so busy with daily obligations and also focusing on things that are not going well in our lives. Right? Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, sit back and think about all the good things we actually have in life, be grateful for them and appreciate them. Some of the benefits of intentionally expressing Gratitude are: It Improves physical, mental health and mental strength

It opens the door to more and better relationships

It improves self-esteem

It improves your sleep

It helps you relax more One powerful simple gratitude activity you can do is writing down things and/or people you are grateful for in a journal. Some people like to do this in the morning, some prefer in the evening or they do both.

The more consistently you do this activity (which doesn't take that long by the way) the more benefits you'll see. Remember to include your self when you write your gratitude list! This will not only make your life better but also allows you to have a more positive attitude in life which helps in so many ways.


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