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Interview with Dr. Jess Norris

Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach coaches clients to not only help individuals to develop new healthy routine habits tailored to their needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly by targeting the root cause both emotionally and physically. We recently interviewed Dr. Jess Norris, owner of Dr.JessNorris to learn about routine habits she promotes herself and in her business.

Pamela: Why is a healthy lifestyle important to you?

Dr. Jess Norris: My life is stressful. ‘How?’ you may ask. Let’s start with the fact that I have two kids. ‘Big deal, lots of people have kids,’ you may say. Well, let’s add to that the fact that one of my children is autistic. And, that I am the primary caregiver to my mother with multiple sclerosis (MS), and that we (myself, my husband and two kids) live with her as a result. Also, just for funsies, let’s throw the fact that I have MS as well.

A healthy lifestyle is not just important to me, it is essential. Without it, stress will take over, and undoubtedly result in exacerbation of my MS symptoms – meaning I won’t be able to be functional and supportive for the people in my life who are depending on me.

Pamela: How do you accomplish your health goals with all that is going on in your life?

Dr. Jess Norris: I use essential oils daily to assist with meditation, improve my quality of sleep, and overcome stress and anxiety. During the daytime, I diffuse Bergamot and Clary Sage essential oils to help me get through the daily pressures of life. Due to pain resulting from muscle spasticity, I used to be dependent on muscle relaxers to fall asleep at night; this often resulted in poor quality of sleep, as I would have to wake up several times a night to use the bathroom. Now, I diffuse a combination of Roman Chamomile and Lavender essential oils just before bed – as a result, I am no longer dependent on muscle relaxers to fall asleep. My quality of sleep – and life – have improved tremendously! I also practice several mindful meditation techniques to manage my stress, including but not limited to breathing, body-scan, and exercise meditations, which allow me to cultivate positivity, energy, and focus. My children and I love to practice aromatherapy mindfulness meditation techniques together. These techniques have benefited all of us – not just for our overall health and wellness, but also for managing my son’s autism symptoms. My children use a blend of essential oils (known as Focus) to help with concentration and staying on task, as well as Lavender essential oil to get a good night’s rest!


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