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Summer 7-Day Self-Care Challenge Made Easy-STARTS Sunday July 22, 2018

Who needs more Self-Care? That’s easy….Everyone!

Join the 7-Day Self-Care Challenge to improve your body, mind and soul.

You’ll find out what real self-care is and what it’s not. Every day of the challenge you’ll be guided to do 1 self-care activity (which can last from a few minutes to... how long you decide). We will focus on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Challenge starts on Sunday July 22 and ends Saturday July 28th on Facebook in a secret private Facebook group.

What do you need to join us:

  1. A Facebook account

  2. Let Pamela know you are IN via and she will send you the instructions. Register by Saturday July 21 to be included!

  3. A journal and pen/pencil

Get a friend, family member, co-worker,…to join you, so you can be accountability buddies. Yet if you are by yourself, join us anyways as you'll meet others in the same boat as you. SEE YOU there :-)

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