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From the official Race Across America Facebook page:


June 21, 2018, City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland

The 8-person powerhouse that is Team Bemer - riding for Pablove has broken the 8-man team record of 24.19 mph set by Team Allied Forces in 2013 when they finished in 5 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes on a 2,962-mile course.

Team Bemer arrived today with an overall average speed of 24.91 mph to break the average speed record. AND, despite 119 extra miles of this year’s 3,081-mile course, they also broke the time record with a finish of 5 days, 3 hours and 43 minutes — yes they broke it by just two minutes.

We’ve seen these guys before. In their previous incarnations as Innovation Africa, Team Live Earth, and Team Working Nation 4-person teams, they’ve tallied two wins and second place. Previous team members Kurt Broadhag, Chris DeMarchi, Tony Restuccia, and Phil Tintsman were joined by new members Karl Bordine, Michael Olheiser, Craig Streit and Joshua Stockinger.

Congratulations to Team Bemer for a stellar effort on the road, and to the crew for all that they did to keep their riders powering across the country—a feat that included a bike exchange every 15 minutes for 5 days for a total of over 500 bike exchanges. Bravo!

Oh, and second place? They're 800+ miles behind!"

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