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5 Ways to Become Better at Self-Care

First let’s start with what is self-care, and what it’s not.

Self-care is:

  • A reflection of your self-worth. The quality of self-care is tied to how much you value and love yourself. In general, if you value something highly you take good care of it.

  • Preventing and repairing damage to yourself.

  • Supposed to happen on different levels: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. These levels are interconnected and affect each other. For instance, if you ate mainly junk foods, your body may get run down and some serious health issues may arise, preventing you to work, seeing friends or taking appropriate care of your kids and yourself. You might feel isolated, stuck and start to get depressed. Therefore, we need to prioritize all areas of self-care in order to be happy and healthy.

  • Not being selfish nor self-centered.

Why make self-care a priority?

Most of my clients come to me with lots on their plate and with hardly time scheduled to recharge their batteries. Self-Care? Not on their agenda. They take care of everyone else’s’ needs first and feel exhausted. Some go back to junk foods, alcohol, drive-throughs, become emotional or stress-eaters, and often drink several caffeinated beverages throughout the day to keep up with everything. No wonder they are on edge most times, feel like crap and wake up energy-depleted. Sounds familiar?

Self-care prevents burn-out, disease, eliminates chronic stress, improves relationships, sleep, boosts the immune system, promotes happiness, focus, performance, and relaxation. It allows you to live according to your desires and purpose (instead of struggling, spinning the wheels, and watching your own life from the sidelines).

5 Ways to Become Better at Self-Care

  1. Be accountable for you and take responsibility for yourself.Self-care starts with YOU. You are the one in charge here! No one does it for you.

  2. Before each decision, stop and ask yourself “Does this serve me or is this costing me my health, sanity,…?”

  3. Get a good night’s sleep, make time for relaxation and mindfulness

  4. Nourish yourself with healthy foods, beverages and move your body with something that makes you happy.

  5. Find ways to deeply appreciate, acknowledge and honor yourself, people, and things. Stop for a moment and express gratitude for what happened in your day, and appreciate yourself and others.

As your health and emotional empowerment coach I can help you put yourself first without guilt, define what's holding you back to have the fitness you desire, beat the path of resistance long-term, take control of your health and life, develop and track your individual-tailored wellness goals. Together, we will ensure you establish a happier, healthier way of life no matter what life throws at you. Go to to schedule a complimentary Prioritize YOU Breakthrough session.

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