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The Benefits of Health Coaching

Do you feel like you could use an energy boost? Modern life is often stressful. Between work, family, errands, and any other responsibilities you might have, it's often challenging to find the right balance. Health coaching can help you clarify these and other issues affecting your health. I'm a health coach in Richmond VA who can help you, no matter where you live, find the right strategies for more energy, focus, and well-being. You might be facing one or more of these challenges:

  • Do you often rely on comfort foods or stimulants to stay alert?

  • Do you have trouble feeling motivated to exercise?

  • Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

  • Are you wondering which foods are right for you?

  • Is it hard for you to set or follow through on goals?

  • Are you a "people pleaser" who constantly worries what others think of you?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your physical appearance?

  • Do you find yourself only taking care of others and it has shown up with health issues?

I use a variety of techniques and modalities to help my clients overcome these and other challenges. Health coaching will help you eat a more balanced diet and eliminate unhealthy habits that are standing in your way. I also offer BEMER therapy, a FDA-registered non-invasive medical device used by many medical doctors, pro athletes, Olympic teams and over a million home users worldwide. BEMER complements a healthy diet and exercise to support enhanced blood flow, strength, endurance, oxygen supply and waste disposal. I also help you with emotional issues. Emotional and physical health are closely related. Emotional empowerment coaching helps you overcome negative situations and blocks that may be holding you back and keep you spinning the wheels. You'll finally make breakthroughs in areas where you may have been stuck for years. Rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks, you'll learn to make the choices that are best for you long-term. You'll also be living a joyful and fulfilling life according to your desires. When you want to make real changes in your life, it can be difficult to know where to start. I'll consider your needs, and come up with an individualized plan that works for you. The decision to try health coaching will transform every single area of your life. Schedule your personalized no-obligation Prioritize YOU Breakthrough call at

As your health and emotional empowerment coach I can help you put yourself first without guilt, define what's holding you back to have the fitness you desire, beat the path of resistance long-term, take control of your health and life, develop and track your individual-tailored wellness goals. Together, we will ensure you establish a happier, healthier way of life no matter what life throws at you. Go to to schedule a complimentary Prioritize YOU Breakthrough session.

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