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Mindfulness Mondays-Inspiration with Dr. Limor Glazer

When one wake up call isn't enough.Together with Dr. Limor Glazer inspiring you to take better care of yourself so you can have a healthy, happy and empowered life. Listen to this video to learn how lack of self-care led to both Thyroid and later Breast Cancer and how it's never too late to change the course and prioritize YOU, so you can live according to your desires and enjoy life!

As your health and emotional empowerment coach I can help you put yourself first without guilt, define what's holding you back to have the fitness you desire, beat the path of resistance long-term, take control of your health and life, develop and track your individual-tailored wellness goals. Together, we will ensure you establish a happier, healthier way of life no matter what life throws at you. Go to to schedule a complimentary Prioritize YOU Breakthrough session.

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