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Mindfulness Eating during the Holidays!

A lot of people fall into the trap of mindless eating when things get busy and life gets hectic. Unfortunately, most of the time, food choices made under stress are not the healthiest and are energy depleting. A reason for this decision making is because of the stress hormone Cortisol, which confuses appetite and causes sugar cravings (among other things).

Here are some recommendations to practice and cultivate mindfulness to better control your appetite and diet:

  • For a week, keep a food journal to record the food you eat. Take note of your physical and social settings and recognize your stress levels at that specific time. Notice your trigger, so you can look out for these circumstances in the future.

  • Practice an alternative to "snacking" when you are having cravings. Maybe it's sitting down and drinking a cup of tea. Maybe it is taking a 15-minute walk to clear your head. Maybe it is finding a quiet place and practice breathing exercise for a few minutes.

  • Make a rule of not eating in the car while driving.

  • Make a rule of not eating standing up or "on the run". When you eat, try to sit down, focus on the food, and use utensils - this will bring attention to the food you are eating, and your brain will actually register that you have eaten.

  • Practice mindful eating - take a deep breath, notice your environment, and savor the taste and the texture of the food.

  • Eat slowly - when we are stressed out and in a rush, we just stuff food into our mouth without paying attention to our fulness. Your brain needs about 15-20 minutes after you eat to register fullness so pause to avoid overeating.

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