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Interview with Diana Parra

As part of the ongoing series, “The Power of Routines”, Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach recently interviewed Diana Parra , owner of Akros Leadership International, to learn about routine habits she promotes herself and in her business.

Pamela: Why is a routine important to you?

Diana: ”This priming exercise energizes me and helps me take control of my emotions while staying focused on the positive. It helps to set the tone for the rest of my day. “

Pamela: How do you accomplish your goals?

Diana: “I typically wake up at 6 in the morning. The first thing I do before my feet hit the floor is to say "thank you" for another day. Gratitude is very important to me. Once I'm up, I do a 10-minute priming exercise that I learned from Tony Robbins. I find a quiet place, typically my home office and sit with my feet flat on the floor and chest up. The first step is a breathing exercise. I do 3 sets of 30 breaths with a 1 minute pause in between each set. Next I place my hands over my heart to feel its energy and strength and I breathe deeply for 30 seconds.

The next step is gratitude. I think of 3 things I am grateful for. They can be big or small. I spend about 1 minute thinking about each one and focus on feeling joy and gratitude. Next I imagine healing light surrounding my body, thoughts, and feelings and ask for healing of anything that needs to be healed and to be strengthened. Then I send all of the healing energy out into the world, starting with the people closest to me and extending out to the rest of the world.

Lastly, I think of 3 outcomes or goals that will excite me once completed. I imagine I have achieved them and celebrate feeling victorious. I do this for each of the 3 outcomes and focus on feeling grateful. Then, I get up from my chair and do a quick stretch.

The other part of my routine is drinking a cup of warm water with lemon to help re-hydrate, flush out toxins, and boost my energy level. It's much better than drinking coffee. After about 20 minutes, I'll have a green juice or a smoothie as nutrition and I'm ready to go!

These are very easy and don't take very long to do. You can easily incorporate these into your morning routine and experience the benefits.”

Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach coaches clients to not only help individuals to develop new routine habits tailored to their health needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly. For more information about the services Pamela Biasca Losada offers, visit: or call at 804.313.9007. For more information about Diana Parra and Akros Leadership International, please visit:

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