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Steps to Achieving your Health Goals with Pamela

Everyone has goals in all aspects of their life. By setting the right goals, being accountable to reaching them, and discovering what the emotional blocks are, goals will be reached. Often and un

fortunately when it comes to our health goals, we don’t make them a priority. Pamela Biasca Losada is a Health Coach with a proven process to setting and successfully reaching your health goals.

1. Acknowledgement: As a first step, you need to be ready to make a difference in the state of your health and well-being. This requires you to commit to it being a priority.

2. Let’s Chat: Once you’ve committed to improving your health, let’s chat about your goals and challenges by phone with a complimentary 20-minute phone call at a convenient time in your schedule.

3. Discovery: In our initial phone call, we’ll chat and discover your health goals, your challenges, and also ask you questions to determine unknown health goals and what's been in the way.

4. Goal Setting: After understanding where you'd like to improve, we will arrange an in-person meeting to further determine how to achieve these goals. This will be a full 50-minute health coaching phone call.

5. Plan of Action: Next, we will determine how you will achieve your health goals and break through resistances through development of a customized individual Empower Health Coaching Program.

6. Progress: The Empower Health Coaching Program accomplishes goals for your health and personal development. Goals are evaluated based on your desire for happiness, abundant self-care, and healthy living.

7. Results: Client results are cumulative and typically show within one month to six months. The Pamela Biasca Losada Empower Health Coaching Program exists to ensure that the client reaches their health goals in an effective and efficient manner.

In order to begin this lifestyle change, acknowledging that you are ready for a difference is where you’ll need to start. Commitment is necessary for the program to work. Upon prioritizing your change, give me a call! We’ll discover your goals and what you are aiming for with this lifestyle change. Your goals will resonate through your custom Empower Health Coaching Program, which I will set up for you to improve your personal health and development. As progression continues, you’ll begin to notice change within one to six months. You will feel happier, more confident, and healthier because of the Pamela Biasca Losada Empower Health Coaching Program.

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