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Reflection on VI International BEMER Medical Convention

I have arrived back home and am reflecting on the amazing experience I had at the VI International BEMER Medical Convention in Budapest, Hungary. The 400 attendees were mostly MD’s and health care practitioners coming from all over the world. 24 countries were represented! I absolutely loved and appreciated meeting new friends and re-kindling with those that I have not seen in months (or even in several years). Budapest is a fascinating city with so much history and is definitely on my travel list to visit again soon.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to have listened to some of the most educational lectures. These lectures were conducted by 13, very experienced, Medical Doctors and 1 Physical Therapist. Among them, the world leading expert on Microcirculation and Founder of the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, Germany, Prof. Dr. Rainer Klopp, MD PhD. This is my third time listening to one of his presentations I, also, had the chance to speak with him in person. His passion for microcirculation and medical science is definitely contagious! I feel privileged to have had this experience and been given the opportunity to learn something new every time.

Circulation in the smallest vessel is fundamental (the absolute key) for our health and quality of life, as it is looking at the root cause of the issues. As I was listening to all these Doctor’s, it is clear that other countries are at least 10 years ahead of the United States in regards to an integrative approach to medicine that, among other great things, looks at eliminating the root cause first rather than focusing only on the symptoms. Dr. T. Szemerski, MD (Neurologist) gave an example in her lecture which listed a treatment protocol. The first bullet point was to “eliminate the cause”. Even though this is obvious, unfortunately, it’s not in a symptom-driven approach.

Most attendees and definitely the speakers have been successfully using BEMER Therapy for a decade and many even longer than that. I look forward to the next International BEMER Medical Congress (most likely in 2018) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BEMER Therapy. I'd like to conclude by sending a special thank you to Dr. Ilona Horvath MD, her husband, Januzs Beck, and son, Zoltan Beck (Electrical Engineer), who put on an amazing BEMER medical conference and made us all feel very welcomed.

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