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Interview With Chris Jones

Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach coaches clients to not only help individuals to develop new routine habits tailored to their needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly. We recently interviewed Chris Jones , owner of Authentic Leader Now to learn about routine habits he promotes himself and in his business. Pamela: Why is a routine important to you?

Chris: “When I am successful at accomplishing my entire routine, the entire rest of my day is highly productive. Some days I don't do everything on the list and it shows up the rest of the day.”

Pamela: How do you accomplish your goals?

Chris: “I have a series of checklist items that I do every morning or at least intend is to accomplish each item. I write these in my notebook every day and check them off as I do them. When I wake up, never later than 6:00am. I accomplish this list before doing anything else."

• Drink a full glass of water. (You are the most dehydrated when you first wake up in the morning) • I listen to a 2 - 3 minute daily video motivational or inspirational video (it comes to my email every day) • I write 2 - 3 of my annual goals so that I keep my goals in front of me. Writing them down has a magic benefit I can't explain. If I try to write them all I won't do it. So, I write 2 - 3. • I pray from my prayer list. People who are close to me and larger things like groups I am involved in and current events like hurricane survivors. • I read for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is my achievable goal but I often go way over 10 minutes. • If I haven't already done it the night before, I schedule my top to-do list items in my day. • I eat a small breakfast (coffee and cereal or toast) • I exercise (Biking, rowing, and lifting weights)

For more information about the services Pamela Biasca Losada offers, visit: or call at 804.313.9007. For more information about Chris Jones and Authentic Leader Now, please visit:

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