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Interview With Dr. Mark Smith

Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach coaches clients to not only help individuals to develop new routine habits tailored to their needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly. We recently interviewed DrSmithRVA , owner of Richmond Chiropractic Neurology to learn about routine habits he promotes himself and in his business. Pamela: Why is healthy lifestyle important to you?

Dr. Mark Smith: “My foundation of a healthy lifestyle is community, friends, service, work, and routine. As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings with diverse needs in order to remain optimally healthy. For me, I find that routine helps keep me balanced and better able to fulfill my life’s purpose.”

Pamela: How do you accomplish your goals?

Dr. Mark Smith: “Building and maintaining health requires multiple routines that include: adequate rest and sleep; clean, organic food; exercise; meditation; personal development. These are routines that are the foundation for my health. For example, no matter what is going on, I will not sacrifice sleep. I almost always do yoga 3 times per week and, on the other 4 days of the week, I will do some quick high intensity exercise bursts. I love to read and study a variety of books, from clinical to spiritual and I love to cook and prepare whole foods to keep us clean and healthy. I usually meditate early every morning before I get up and we have some type of fun activity, from kayaking to walking to going to a book store or taking a seminar, or just sitting quietly in nature to de-stress. It all works together to keep us well. Thanks for asking and all the best to you and those who might read this.

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