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Interview With Sonja Stoeckli

Pamela Biasca Losada Health Coach coaches clients to not only help individuals to develop new routine habits tailored to their needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly. We recently interviewed Sonja Stoeckli, owner of Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio to learn about routine habits she promotes herself and in her business.


Pamela: Why is healthy lifestyle important to you?

Sonja: "My health is important to me for several reasons. I have been very sick as a child and always prone to accidents. So I started very young to build up a routine to best improve my health. Meditation was one of them."


Pamela: How do you accomplish your goals?

Sonja: "At first, I used tapes to guide me. Some tapes helped to learn self-confidence, others to open, activate and heal the chakras, and another tape just helped me to go into stillness. Now my meditation practice consists of a 20 minute practice in the morning and also at night. It provides me with a clear mind, to make better decisions and keeps me balanced. I practice yoga almost every day to keep my body flexible and strong.

As a young child I stopped eating meat, because I did not like it. I still ate sometimes fish or chicken. It did not feel right for me and so 42 years ago I gave up eating all animals. Nowadays I am completely vegan, eating a plant-based diet to stay healthy and fit. I want to feel good so I can continue practicing yoga, going for walks and simply enjoying life. Healthy food, exercise, and mindfulness is my life."


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