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The Power of Routine - Featuring Brad Strouse

Meet Brad. About twice a year, he changes his food and beverage intake for a 30-day time period because he wants to feel better and more energetic every day. His dietary program requires him to cut out sugar, alcohol, grains, bread, legumes, and dairy. Brad's process resets his body as well as helps stomach aches, weight loss, sleep quality, and energy levels.

The hard part?

Following the process and routine. He eats the same thing every morning and at the same time every day, which indulges black coffee, eggs, and fruit. His food and beverage intake is limited, so he must plan ahead to ensure he has the right dietary groceries available for his remaining meals.

We all have aspirations to improve our health and well-being, but we don’t necessarily have the willpower and strength to keep ourselves accountable to accomplish our goals.

Pamela Biasca Losada offers health coaching solutions to not only help individuals to develop new routine habits tailored to their needs, but to also achieve them successfully and quickly. For more information, visit:

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