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Are you Acting or Reacting?

In the last few months I’ve had lots of positive things happening in my life. I’ve been actively acting to get to them (some for a while) and some opportunities just presented themselves to me. I then actively grabbed these opportunities, instead of making excuses and watching them slip away, thinking they will eventually present themselves again.

Why? Because I decided to be in control of my life (and my health) and not let life dictate my day. Taking action! This is one of the keys to a happy and healthy lifestyle. My clients know this, but most importantly they get the tools and the support to stick with the taking-action piece so they can reach their goals. Most people know what they should be doing right?! But they just don’t do it, or start and give up very soon after that. Why is that? Wrong strategies, lack of support and accountability. The right strategies and the right support are crucial for long lasting results! And that’s exactly what my clients get.

Moreover, if you are waiting for your dream life to come to you, be prepared to wait and wait AND wait; things won’t just come; you should actively look for them, make changes (…now!) and be open to even see the opportunities that too often might have been just lying in front of you.

I often meet people who for different reasons let circumstances define who they are and what they do (…and not do) with the result of feeling energy depleted, unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed, anxious, malnourished, sick, and sleepless.

Opportunities right in front of them which are not perceived, tons of excuses for not doing something (I don’t have the time…, when this or that goes away then I will…, I don’t have the money, I have to take care of this/that first, and so on) are very common and very unhealthy at the same time. This is the typical reacting mode that doesn’t serve them and is detrimental for your health.

What about you?

Are you acting or reacting?

Are you dreaming of a life you’d like to live, yet you wait for this dream-life to come to you instead of taking action and make things you desire happen? Are you longing for more energy? Do you want to live pain free? Do you want to lose weight? Do you feel that you are missing out in life?

You can just follow the relatively easy routine of reacting to everything that happens to us or you can take action, pursue your dreams, and reach your goals for your health and life so you can live a fulfilling and happy life.

So, what is your pick?

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