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Simple Strategies to Avoid the “Too Much on My Plate” Feeling

As a business owner, mother and wife, I usually have LOTS of things on my plate and people often ask me:

"Pamela how do you do it all?"

"Where do you find the time to take care of yourself?"

"Where do you get all the energy from?" (Not with coffee or energy drinks…)

We are all busy and we will always have 24 hours in a day. So, what can you do? Here my favorite strategies for you to try:


What are the most important things to be taken care of? This may seem like an easy task yet it is actually harder than it seems as we usually forget to include ourselves. We must figure out our priorities (the rocks in our lives) and do them first.

Then we can handle the little things (the pebbles, sand and water in our lives). What? Rocks, pebbles, … Well this video will help to clarify. Specifically, if we focus on the little things first and then try to manage our priorities, we most likely won’t have time for the latter. Take a moment to watch this video and you’ll get the point.

Click here for the video.

Avoid Distractions

Too often time gets wasted with pebbles and sand (if you watched the video, you know what I mean) and we complain about not having enough time. How much time are you spending on social media, emails, texting…? Are these priorities for you all the time? Most likely not. Distractions are big time wasters and we won’t get any of our priorities done. So, keep focusing on what really matters in your life.

Save Time Slots

Time management is the key when you have a lot on your plate, like most people these days. When you define time slots in your calendar first with the rocks in your life and only after with the pebbles you are most likely able to focus on your priorities and reach your goals.

One last thing, nobody is perfect and you can’t do it all. So be kind to yourself and realistic about how much you are actually able to accomplish!

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