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Meal/Snack Prep Organization

Are you guilty of grabbing an unhealthy snack or meal when you are on-the-go? Maybe you don’t think you have time to eat healthy or it’s just easier to figure it out when you’re hungry. Well eating healthy doesn’t have to be work and there is a better way you can prepare for the work day.

Together Pamela Biasca Losada and Erin Podbielniak of theNeatNiche share three snack and meal ideas for the week ahead. This will only require a few minutes in preparation and it will not only save you a lot of time during the week, but you will feel better too.

First, keep everything organized in the refrigerator. We suggest using Ziploc bags, glass containers, or both - clear containers make for easy, healthy choices at a glance. Find or make an empty drawer in your refrigerator and designate it as the "healthy snack drawer". Be sure the drawer is easily accessible so you will remember to grab your snacks each day.

Second, prep your food. Think of your favorite fruits and vegetables and buy them at the grocery store (ideally organic). Make sure to rinse them off and let then completely dry before bagging them up. Another great snack option - hard boiled organic free-range eggs. You can even go ahead and boil them for 5-7 minutes, peel them and save them for later. And don’t stop there - use small cups with lids to pack dipping sauces (like hummus or guacamole) for a terrific way to give your snacks a little extra flavor. Prepping ahead of time saves precious minutes when you're running out the door.

Third, if you would like to make it even easier and more organized for your day, pack some pre-made snacks in a container with your lunch the night before. This way all you need to do is grab your lunchbox on your way out the door. If you want to be even more organized, label your containers for each day of the week.

All of these tips should make it less likely you will grab that bag of chips or handful of candy. Furthermore, if you try meal/snack prepping for the week, you will be feeling more relaxed, organized and healthy in no time!

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