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5 Reasons Why Falling Off the Wagon Prevails

A couple of weeks ago, I had a breakthrough session with a person I met recently. She was thrilled to get started and immediately began some lifestyle changes that she thought could get her back in shape and reduce her overwhelming stress. I met with her a few days later and she shared how things were going for her and that despite her being motivated, she admitted to have fallen off the wagon. Some of the unhealthy habits she was able to give up for a few days sneaked into her life again. I find many people have the best intentions, they get educated, they make changes but really what is going to benefit us the most is lasting change.

There are several reasons why falling-off-the-wagon wins. Let’s focus on the five most common reasons why changing the course all alone doesn’t work long-term:

  1. Are you on the right path? Are you sure that what you are doing to improve your health and lifestyle is actually the right thing for you? Sticking to some "plan" which does not work for you is not going to help you overcome your challenges and reach your wellness goals. Your needs and concerns are unique, so it’s imperative to know exactly what both you and your body need to thrive.

  2. What’s been in your way? Why are you not able to stay on track? There’s a reason for that. Aren’t your curious to know what that might be, so you can reach your health goals once and for all and live your life to the fullest? Instead of treating only the symptoms, getting to the underlying causes of your health concerns is the key as well as finding any resistance block. Are things like stress, emotional distress, lack of self-care, relationship issues, and fears in the way?

  3. Do you have the right support? The right support is another important factor to course-correct your actions and staying on track when things become difficult. If we don’t have the right strategies in place when challenges arise, we all have the tendency to get off course. If you have never worked with a coach (like me), you might want to consider it as it makes the whole difference between staying stuck in a rut and moving forward even when deep down your old habits are taking over.

  4. Are you being accountable? Being accountable is what leads to success that lasts a lifetime. Being accountable means you are responsible and committed to what you have chosen to make happen in your life. Here again, the support of a non-judgmental and supportive coach to help you stay accountable no matter what is the key factor to long-term success.

  5. Are you only goal oriented? We often have just the goal in mind and lose our way through the many action steps. We live in the age of information overload – we get sidetracked and all over the board. You don't need more information; you need to know which information to use and how to make it work for your life. Both the implementation and integration of the right action steps are essential, so that healthy changes are easily integrated into your busy life and become second-nature (= the best part!).

Are you ready to stay ON the wagon? Call 509-230-7593 to schedule a complimentary health breakthrough session over the phone or Skype.

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