Life is not easy and a healthy life is intentional.
Knowing the reason you need help is the biggest challenge. Seeking the right help is easy.
I'm here to help when you need it most.




Are you trying to do it all, and have negative feelings showing up when facing challenges and busy-ness? Or maybe you aren’t equipped with what is needed to cope with what life throws at you.

Let’s look at what’s behind the scenes, so you can navigate through life with greater ease and no chronic stress.

Lack of energy has many root causes and can be detrimental long-term in all areas of your life.

Let's find more consistent energy and vibrancy to live a healthy life, without relying on sweets and caffeine.

Taking care of others first, saying YES when
you mean NO, afraid to speak up, worry about judgement, secretly hoping someone is going to save you, feeling guilty for having your own needs met.


Let's help live your life to the fullest
potential because your life is most important to help other lives feel important.




You tried to lose weight, and it didn’t work, or it came back. Most likely the physical and emotional root causes have not been addressed, and/or the weight
loss approach wasn’t the right one.

Let’s figure out what’s really not working.

It is common to use food as a mechanism to deal with emotions and stress. It serves as your go-to place to deal with challenges.

Let's help you learn effective, individualized, and specific strategies to replace emotional eating and make peace with food.

A healthy lifestyle consists nutrition, physical movement, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, and more.

Let's find out what needs to be addressed from an integrative approach.




When it comes to self-care and health, consistency is the key in order to
regain and maintain a great quality of life.




Let's make a plan and give you a positive mindset and lots of will power to create a lasting change. 

Self-care prevents burn-out, disease, eliminates chronic stress, improves relationships, sleep, happiness, focus, performance and relaxation. 



Learn how to get out of your own way and make self-care a must.​

  Do you experience health issues (especially thyroid/neck issues) as a result of lack of self-care and not speaking your truth.


Let’s explore what is behind the scenes physically and emotionally to effectively address those issues. 




I am a recovering perfectionist! Why? Because perfectionism isn’t serving me
and creates a lot of chronic stress, worry and quite frankly it’s exhausting and very toxic.


Let's make sure you are not part of the “recovering perfectionism club” and instead live with so much more ease and fun.

Do you tend to be a
people pleaser? Do you avoid criticism or take things very personally? Do you tend to over-criticize yourself?


Learn how being emotionally sensitive is a gift in disguise and a great asset to use to one’s advantage.

Do you find yourself worrying a lot, in need to be in control and not trusting yourself?


Let’s look and this from an emotional empowerment perspective, and how these feelings show up and affect your quality of life.


No one likes to wake up with physical and /or emotional discomfort, or be
limited in doing the things they love because of it (like moving your body, playing with your grandkids, going on a trip).


Let's address the root of the problem of your discomfort and create a long-term solution.


Do you experience weight gain, a weak immune system, cognitive issues, anxiety, depression, low sex drive, blood pressure issues, blood sugar issues,…?

Let’s address lack of a good-night sleep from the root cause and make sure you can preserve your health and sanity long-term.


Prevention by looking at the bigger picture and integrating a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain and/or regain health.

Let's look at which areas you need to make some tweaks to optimize prevention and maintain a great quality of life.

My goal is to share my experience and knowledge to help others towards their journey to better health, happiness, emotional empowerment, freedom and eating habits.


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