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In books and in-person, Pamela shares her life experiences, professional knowledge,
and words of healthy
life wisdom."

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Pamela’s speech wasn’t ‘fluff.’ It was fantastic information about understanding the source of our emotions, sadness, anxiety, anger and how addressing your negative emotions as your allies to break through the blocks you may have that keep you stuck.

— Missy Bane, Co-Host, Healthy Mornings RVA

Thank you for giving our community a safe outlet to learn and help themselves grow stronger!

Aurora Early, The Beet Event Coordinator, Ellwood Thompson’s

“You are such an incredible speaker! I enjoyed the presentation and the way you presented the information!”

— Hayven

Give your event and conference attendees life-changing tools and strategies to live their ultimate lives!

Pamela’s keynotes, workshops and immersive guided meditation experiences are designed to be insightful,  informative and transformational. Far more than a “motivational speech,” Pamela will connect with your attendees in ways to help them identify what’s holding them back emotionally, gain clarity, and experience breakthroughs so they can be healthier, more engaged and more resilient. 


Every presentation is customized to give Pamela’s clients the biggest impact possible. 


Whether your audience is made up of high achievers looking to go to the next level or people who are taking the important first steps on the road to wellness, Pamela will resonate.


Pamela Biasca Losada is an avid writer with a goal of education her audience and to empower their healthy lifestyle. Recently, Pamela co-authored the book, Empower!, a book about inspiring stories of breakthrough, discovery and triumph is a unique, collaborative project that features the individual stories of more than twenty dynamic women who stepped out of their comfort zones and moved toward their own purpose.  If you have a dream in your heart but keep holding yourself back, this book will inspire you toward instant action. 

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