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Now more than ever we find ourselves in an unprecedented time for people all over the world!

Change, hardship, fear and uncertainty abound! People are struggling to manage this new paradigm that includes social distancing and being home bound in order to keep ourselves and family safe from getting or spreading COVID-19.

This new normal of living a collapsed life can feel really overwhelming as we navigate the many challenges it has brought with it. People are going through a roller coaster of negative emotions like anger, anxiety, disappointment, worry, frustration, powerlessness, scarcity, hopelessness, confusion, fear, guilt, uncertainty, impatience and isolation.

Here some of the topics I can specifically talk about to benefit your podcast audience navigate this unusual time with greater ease, trust and less overwhelm.

  • How to turn your negative feelings into your greatest allies

  • What to do when you don’t believe you have any options

  • How to show up as a leader in challenging times

  • How to set healthy boundaries

  • How to eliminate overwhelm

  • How to keep your dreams and goals alive when the world is upside down

I’m additionally able to tailor my message to your specific audience.

When the podcast is released, I’ll be happy to share with my audience via email and social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups and Instagram) to additionally benefit you.

You can connect with me to discuss being a guest on your podcast via email at or text/call 804-313-9007.

I look forward to talking to you, in health


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Here a little more about me:

Pamela Biasca Losada MS

Coach | Psychologist | Speaker | Author | Creator Ultimate You Method™


I am an industry leader in emotional empowerment and emotional well-being. I coach high achievers to overcome what’s holding them back emotionally, so they can lead lives of ultimate joy, wellness, and fulfillment.


I am experienced and have a demonstrated history of working in the integrative health and wellness industry.


My clients have checked all the boxes when it comes to “success” yet inside they feel something is missing (or a mess) and are unhappy. They come to me with things like: overwhelm, chronic stress, emotional eating, anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing, weight issues. My clients learn how to get out of their own way, be happy and fulfilled, increase self-care, self-confidence and healthy boundaries. They experience more energy and fitness overall.


Special attention is devoted to the emotional empowerment approach, teaching my clients to get out of their own way by addressing all the underlying negative emotions that have not been addressed properly.


I obtained my Masters in Psychology, have a Teacher Certification in Pedagogical Support, and I am a Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach (International Institute for Emotional Empowerment).


I offer coaching globally over the phone and video calls. Private & Group coaching, Ultimate You Accountability Group available.

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