I am Pamela Biasca Losada


Life isn’t going the way they want it to and they don’t know how to change themselves and their lives. 


Life seems like one messy problem after another. When something good happens, the next shoe drops.


There doesn’t seem to be a way to experience lasting relief. Temporary “soothing agents” like alcohol, food, and shopping end up creating more stress.


Situations and relationships used to be messy and confusing. After working with me, my clients feel greater clarity in their lives and how they show up to life’s events.


My clients report that they feel greater levels of resilience in managing life situations —especially those situations that had previously sent them spiraling.


Connection to self, connection to others and connection to purpose are just three of the ways my clients feel a greater connection after working with me.


Working with Pamela has been simultaneously calming and energizing experience and has done wonders in helping me find the inner resources to make real and meaningful life changes.

— Jennifer

My entire life completed transformed physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually … I feel great!



Through Pamela’s careful guidance we worked together so I could learn to confront my negative feelings and use them as a guiding force rather than a hindrance in my life. My emotions are now a window to see clearly how to go forward and seize opportunities rather than shut down. Thank you, Pamela, for all your support!

— Heidi

PO Box 292 Allison Park, PA 15101

pamela@pamelabiascalosada.com  |  804.313.9007

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