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How to Bounce Back and Forward: Resilience as a Repeat Practice

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about resilience - what it is, what it means to you, and how you can cultivate more of it in your life. By now, you know that building resilience takes time and practice.

As you move through this growth process, you will find yourself doing what you never thought you could before. And you’ll begin to understand that resilience is more than just a feeling - it’s also a habit.

Once you’ve learned what this habit looks like in your life, it’s important to continue to find ways to put it into practice. Think of it as a muscle that needs strengthening and stretching - meaning, you don’t have to constantly overload your sense of resilience. Instead, you can have moments of intense challenge as well as times of rest and regular maintenance.

So how can you continue to put your sense of resilience into practice?

What habits can you use to help fine-tune your ability to bounce back and forward, and keep going?

Watch the video to learn more.

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